The idea for this web site arose from a conversation between myself and my son, George Pantziarka, who was being treated for bone cancer at the time. We had been reading and researching all kinds of information about food and cancer and he thought it would make for an interesting web site. We also talked about cancer research in general and he thought that too deserved a web site. He made lots of notes and searched for different domain names that tried to capture the essence of his idea. The one that was most popular with us was this, as you can see from the entry in his notebook:

georgie notebook

I bought the domain name but we never got round to doing much with it. The idea for the other site became www.anticancer.org.uk – using the logo he designed for it.

Tragically George passed away in April 2011, so he never got to see the web sites he imagined. Aside from these two sites, there is also the George Pantziarka TP53 Trust which supports individuals and families with the rare condition called Li Fraumeni Syndrome, the disease that he had and which caused him to have three different cancers in his short life-time.

George never intended that this site be exclusively about cancer. He loved food and so while cancer and other health conditions will be mentioned, this is intended to be a site much more about being positive and enjoying good, tasty and interesting food.

Pan Pantziarka

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